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Partners For a Healthy Future: Safr Care and ZiphyCare Transform Telemedicine

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The Safr team is proud to announce our partnership with ZiphyCare, a healthcare technology company on a mission to transform healthcare at home.

Safr Care is a non-emergency rideshare technology platform catering to patients who face barriers in getting to routine medical appointments, providing a unified technological backbone to manage reliable transportation for individual patients and Medicaid members. Using proprietary rideshare and transportation technology, Safr Care links Medical Care Providers and patients with seamless door-to-door service, alleviating stress and complications for both medical providers and patients.

ZiphyCare is a technology solution that enables patients to receive comprehensive medical care at home, while also providing medical professionals with enhanced remote examination tools and unified patient data. A medical staff member visits the patient at home while an experienced physician examines the patient onscreen, using ZiphyCares patented medical kit. Visits are covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare and Medicaid populations have the highest rates of chronic illness in America. They also show the lowest use of telehealth, sometimes from a lack of technology skills or access to WIFI. As the pandemic continues to make travel difficult, these patients are increasingly difficult to reach and don't receive regular ongoing care.

ZiphyCares blend of virtual and in-person care and SafrCares mission to provide accessible and affordable non-emergency medical transportation overlap in their unique ability to provide health services to chronically ill and vulnerable underserved patients while lowering costs. Safr Care will provide transport assistance through its technology network throughout ZiphyCares markets. Integrated ride scheduling and dispatch will allow ZiphyCare management to book Safr drivers and partner networks for their patients healthcare transportation needs.

Safr is proud to join ZiphyCare in its mission to bridge the gap between telemedicine and in-person medical care.

About ZiphyCare

ZiphyCare is a proprietary software and technology platform bridging the gaps between patients, primary care, and specialty care. Developed by medical industry professionals, technologists, and digital health experts, Ziphy delivers affordable, patient-oriented healthcare directly to every home. For more information about us and our services, visit our website atZiphyCare

About Safr

Safr is a ridesharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women. Built with the needs of women in mind, Safr aims to improve the lives of women everywhere through safe transportation, job creation, and financial security. Safr's drivers are personally vetted and undergo comprehensive background checks so that riders can have peace of mind knowing they meet Safr standards. Safr's multiple in-ride app features aid in the protection of your safe arrival. For more information, please visitSafrCare

About Safr Care

Safr Care is a healthcare technology platform focused on the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) market. The mission of Safr Care is to help improve the healthcare transportation market while empowering women. Safr has been at the forefront of transportation technology since 2017. SeeSafrCare;Watch Our Videos