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Greener, Faster, and More Affordable: Ride Pooling with Safr Care

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Safr Technologies, Inc., has launched a ride pooling feature that will match riders going in the same direction and looking for a discounted trip rate. Aside from shared travel costs, ride pooling also decreases the average travel time of an on-demand ride, reduces overall commute stress, and is more environmentally friendly. Using the Safr pooling feature will also allow drivers with multiple riders the option to travel in the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

Millennials on average drive 8% less than previous generations, seeking alternative transportation models that are greener or allow in-transit multitasking. Gen Z is following the same pattern, and Baby boomers are less likely to own cars as they age. Safr pooling introduces next-generation shared-ride features.

In addition, the work and school climates are changing. Office occupancy across the United States rose to 40 percent last month, according to Cushman & Wakefield. Moreover, according to data from the College Crisis Initiative at Davidson College, the vast majority of institutions are returning to in-person learning with nearly 90 percent of colleges and universities welcoming students back to campus. The number of non-remote workers who need a way to get to the office is quickly growing.

According to the EPA, transportation accounted for the largest portion of the United States total greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 at 29%. A 2016 study by PACommutes found that carpooling could save 33 million gallons of gasoline daily, if each average commuting vehicle carried one additional passenger. These benefits are mainly attributed to ride poolings ability to reduce traffic congestion.

As more people are heading back to work or school in-person, we want to offer a more affordable, efficient option for our riders, Syed Gilani, CEO of Safr Technologies, Inc., said. Pooling with coworkers or classmates to get to work or school just makes sense. Its easier on their wallet and its better for our roads and the environment.

Safr Care, a technology platform aiding the elderly and infirm, will now also offer multi-loading features for transportation providers. Safr Care links hospitals and Medicare or Medicaid patients with seamless door-to-door service. By increasing the average number of passengers per vehicle mile and reducing both the total number of vehicles needed to deliver service, and the overall mileage those vehicles travel, Safr Care alleviates stress and complications for medical providers and patients. In the past, wait time for patients was a top-five complaint. With pooling services, patients can be picked and dropped off in a more timely fashion, benefitting both the patient and the facilities.

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Safr Care is a healthcare technology platform focused on the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) market. The mission of Safr Care is to help improve efficiencies and profitabilities in the healthcare transportation market while empowering women. Safr Care has been at the forefront of transportation technology since 2017. SeeSafrCare;Watch Our Videos

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Safr is a ridesharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women. Built with the needs of women in mind, Safr aims to improve the lives of women everywhere through safe transportation, job creation, and financial security. Safr's drivers are personally vetted and undergo comprehensive background checks so that riders can have peace of mind knowing they meet Safr standards. Safr's multiple in-ride app features aid in the protection of your safe arrival. For more information, please visitSafrCare