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Advantages of Using Non-emergency Medical Transportation

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A non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service can be a valuable asset for people who are lacking transportation and need medical attention but are not in an emergency situation. The advantages of NEMT services are different from traditional means of rideshare service or emergency transportation, which can include accessibility and convenience, greater degree of safety, maintaining independence, affordability, and mental peace.

Accessibility and Convenience

Non-emergency medical transportation is often required by people who need to visit a medical facility on a regular basis. It can be especially helpful for those with mobility problems, as rides can be tailored to the needs of the individual patient. The vehicles used by the non-emergency medical transportation service providers are well equipped and can handle multiple requirements, including handling wheelchairs and other mobility equipment needs. In addition to appropriate vehicles, patients can call in ahead of time and schedule a pick up / drop off, making it easier for users to get to their appointments on time.

Greater Degree of Safety

The modern design and quality of the vehicles used by non-emergency medical transportation service providers are also important factors that contribute to overall safety. Along with this, the drivers who work for non-emergency medical transportation service providers have the necessary professional credentials, as these individuals are trained to handle patients properly, and are required to maintain their qualifications. First aid, CPR, passenger assistance, and wheelchair securement are just some of the credentials provided. Patients can feel safer and more comfortable by utilizing the higher degree of safety regulations that NEMT providers offer, compared to the traditional options.

Maintaining Independence

For those who need help getting to medical appointments, a call to the non-emergency medical transportation center can be very helpful. Scheduling a ride can be perceived as an effort to maintain independence. Non-emergency medical transportation can help patients practice independence, which is a significant achievement for disabled or elderly adults. Scheduling and receiving transportation is a simple and satisfying achievement, which allows the patients to not be dependent on loved ones or friends for transportation to get to their appointments.


There are various types of medical transportation services available, and the prices vary depending on the need. For example, a patient may need a wheelchair, bariatric wheelchair, gurney, stretcher, or Broda chair accessible vehicle. Non-emergency medical transportation services are less expensive than traditional ambulances. Even with the varying types of vehicles used, NEMT is still far less expensive than an ambulance trip to the hospital or doctors office. The result is significant savings to the payor.

Mental Peace

Getting around can be a source of anxiety for people with health problems or impairments. It can be hard to travel with the general public, and those who rely on non-emergency medical transportation may feel uneasy or anxious when they're on a ride that doesn't address their healthcare needs. When considering the various advantages of using non-emergency medical transportation, the higher degree of service results in the patient feeling more comfortable, creating better peace of mind.

As the NEMT industry grows, more people are aware of the services available. These services feature many advantages for each patient. Everyone in need of NEMT should heavily consider this option when scheduling a ride, instead of calling 9-1-1 or a traditional Rideshare that is unable to fulfill the higher degree of accommodations.