Patient Services Improve Health Outcomes and Empower Patients

Transportation Issues Affect Patient Health

Unfortunately, 5.8 million people miss or experience delayed appointments due to transportation issues each year. Inadequate or no transportation has become one of the top five social determinants of health. Missing appointments causes volatility in healthcare operations and results in deteriorating patient health with lower patient satisfaction. Safr Care software is leading the industry for improved efficiencies in wheelchair transportation services, elderly assistance, and transporting the infirm.

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Insurance Coverage Eligibility

Safr Care’s platform is connected with more than 3100 payors, which allows for easy eligibility verification of insurance coverage. The portal’s ability to verify eligibility greatly increases efficiency by saving time from having to call the insurance companies and wait on the phone for assistance. Patients can also check to find out if their insurance makes them eligible for transportation services through Safr’s rider app, available in both Android and IOS stores.

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Credit Card Payments

Patients can manage credit card payments through our payment gateway integration. The Safr Care Ride application will store card information to simplify the scheduling process for future rides.

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“I’m so happy that my friend told me about the Safr Care app. It’s so easy to download the Ride Safr app, click the Care button, and proceed to schedule my ride. The safety features in the app are also very important to me, as I am a single elderly woman.” Lucy O.

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User Friendly Ride Requests

Patients can request their non-emergency medical or wheelchair transportation services easily through Safr Care’s Android or IOS app, or by calling the Safr Care toll-free number. It takes less than two minutes to request a ride with the Safr Care platform, which then immediately sends the ride to a credentialed NEMT driver, while also meeting the ride request criteria.

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Real-time Monitoring

Through Safr Care’s user-friendly platform, transportation experts can message both patients and drivers to ensure a safe and timely arrival. Patients and their loved ones can easily monitor the in-ride experience through the Safr Care radar feature.

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