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A Powerful Place to House All Rides

Safr Care is a next-generation software solution for improved scheduling, routing, billing, reimbursements, passenger information management, operational efficiencies, and client relations for non-emergency medical transportation services.

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Building your Network

By joining Safr Care, brokers gain access to a network of diverse and dedicated providers, including those with multi-passenger vans, wheelchair lift vehicles, and stretcher vans. Integrated brokers will gain access to the Safr Care Marketplace, where excess non-emergency medical transportation service requests from other providers within the Safr Care network are redirected to available providers.

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Insurance Integration

Safr Care’s platform is connected with more than 3100 payors, which allows for immediate insurance eligibility verification, helping healthcare providers focus more time on caring for their patients. Improved healthcare outcomes from better healthcare transportation results in lower insurance costs.

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“By using the Safr Care software platform, our transportation providers are able to automatically dispatch, schedule, bill, and verify eligibility for insurance coverage. These features, along with many others, give us the opportunity to send more rides. Safr Care has helped us grow our business exponentially, as well as the business of our transportation providers that are using this software. We are truly grateful for Safr Care.” Dianna F.

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Credit Card Payments

Patients can easily manage payments for non emergency medical transport service through our secure credit card gateway. Brokers and self-paying patients can rest assured that payment information is securely stored, streamlining future transactions.

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Monitoring NEMTs and Outcomes

Brokers can manage network performance through Safr Care’s user-friendly dashboards, which monitor activities, missed ride rates, star ratings, and other key ride quality indicators. Safr Care’s comprehensive dashboard offers immediate data on rides, revenue, and total earnings.

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