Broker Partners Decrease Trip Management Time and Spend Time Building the Business

Efficient Trip Management Software Platform

Instead of spending countless hours on tedious management processes, on-boarded brokers use the powerful Safr Care portal to easily manage their business ecosystem.


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Member Management

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Business Operations Management

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Transportation Providers Management

Logistics schedule

Complete Rides Management

Our Transportation Partners

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Build your Network

Brokers want to make sure that every patient member gets a safe and reliable ride. Building a reliable and effective transportation network is pivotal to the success of the broker. Our proven platform allows brokers to easily build, manage, and scale their transportation network through our self and auto network builder features.

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Intelligent Dispatch

Save hours of work trying to find an available transportation provider in your network. With Safr Care’s Intelligent Dispatch feature, healthcare transportation brokers can easily dispatch rides to the providers that meet the ride criteria. Our smart dispatch scanner monitors available drivers and allows you to assign non-emergency medical transportation to the nearest and most suited driver.

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360 Monitoring

High quality non-emergency medical transportation services are now possible with the Safr Care platform. Safr Care provides brokers with cutting-edge 360 degree monitoring tool that allows the broker to view, communicate and manage all in-ride drivers within the network.

Success Story

“I can hardly believe that we have ended the days of manually finding available transportation providers. Having the user-friendly Safr Care platform allows us to free up more time to expand our business. Thank you Safr Care!” George N.

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Payment Gateway

Receive credit card payments from self-paying patients with ease without the need to use a different platform. Whether it be invoicing government or privately insured patients, or simply administering credit card payments, all of your business can be managed through our broker portal.

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Insurance Eligibility and Billing Reconciliation

You don’t have to limit your business to your traditional Medicare/Medicaid members. With Safr Care’s one-stop platform, you can now accept private insurance plans. Our platform efficiently handles your patients’ eligibility, pre-authorization and billing business with ease. Your business growth is now possible with Safr Care.

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Powerful Features

Brokers can manage all aspects of their business through our scalable and fully configurable portal. Member management, transportation provider management, radar, invoicing, reporting and powerful analytics are now at your fingertips with Safr Care broker platform.